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Garden Event at the Mt. Shasta Mall

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Solorio Pottery Garden Event

To celebrate the first days of spring Solorio Pottery is having a Garden Event at the Mt. Shasta Mall. Don't miss this chance to get one of a kind pieces for you or your gardener friends. We have beautiful ceramic Garden Markers for all your herbs and vegetables. These garden markers hang on a copper stand and will add that finishing touch to your raised beds. Pinch Shrooms are cute little mushrooms for your potted plants and container gardens. The name says it all, pinch shrooms are pinch pots made by hand with no tools and no two are alike. Plant Pokes and Plant Notions are great for house plants and potted plants on your deck or patio. They are a good way to add a little inspiration to your days. Wheel Thrown Mushrooms are great for adding a splash of color to your garden. These large mushrooms look great just about anywhere in the garden. Of course, don't forget your handmade mug for walking through your garden with some coffee or herbal tea.

See you at the Mt Shasta Mall March 9th thru March 23rd

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