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Plant Markers why I needed them

Updated: Aug 26, 2020 that one cucumber or a squash?

One year I decided to plant a very large garden. So after building large redwood raised beds I jumped right into the dirt and got started. I planted a large selection of herbs and vegetables. I was so proud of my garden, I just knew that it would produce so much yummy goodness. To finish off my garden I did what most people do, I placed the little plastic marker that came with the starters under each plant. A few days later I noticed that some of the little markers were gone. Thank goodness it was just tomato and cucumber that were missing because I knew what they looked like. that one cucumber or a squash? After a few weeks, I noticed that more markers had disappeared and the ones that remained were faded and crumbling. I decided that I needed something better that would last. Something that was waterproof and would not fade

in the sun. I needed something that looked nice in my beautiful garden scene. Something made of clay maybe? (not just because my husband was a pottery artist) The Solorio Pottery plant markers were born. After some design work and stamp making, we started hand cutting and hand stamping each piece. We made markers for everything that I was growing. My garden turned out beautifully that year. Now I could identify all of the herbs and vegetables. I had a great harvest that year with piles of herbs and vegetables. Soon we were making these plant markers for friends and family. Many years and thousands of markers later they are still going strong. If you want to see our pottery garden markers check out our shop.

I hope your garden is bountiful this year.

~ Jen ~

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