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What's with the PAC

Updated: Aug 26

Professional Artisans Co-op

While checking out Solorio Pottery's show schedule some of you may have noticed the PAC on some of the dates. What is PAC? Well, I'm glad you asked. PAC stands for Professional Artisans Co-op. Professional Artisans Co-op is a vision that began with a small group of artists and has grown into something pretty amazing. As one of the group volunteers, I am very proud of the work we are doing. We are now a recognized nonprofit organization that hosts seven art and craft events in Northern California. PAC now has over 170 members and growing. Wow! That is a lot to accomplish in a few years but we are moving ahead and teamwork is the key. These events are best described as "By the Artist for the Artist" that has been our mission from the start. Some of the biggest obstacles for artisans today are the high show fees and the increasing amount of buy and sell merchandise at these events. Another challenge is some event coordinators who simply don't advertise or promote their shows. We decided to take our future into our own hands and came up with this mission statement.

Professional Artisans Co-op Mission Statement

  • To restore and preserve the tradition of the art and craft show as a place where customers can go to meet artisans and to find quality handcrafted products.

  • To provide venues where artists can display and sell their works for reasonable space rental fees, and in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation with their fellow artists.

  • To make certain that all fees charged to the artists and other vendors go to set up the shows and advertising, rent, insurance, and whatever other expenses are incurred.

  • To create a self-sufficient structure, free of dues, contracts and restrictive commitments, in which the participating artisans share responsibility, individually and as a group, for such crucial basic tasks as promotion, advertising, mutual assistance with setting up, providing security, post-event clean-up, any other necessary tasks.

  • To engage the communities in which the shows are held in ways that will benefit them and their residents, and leave them looking forward to our next event in their area.

  • To boldly go where no artist has gone before. ( ok, this one is not real )

I believe that events hosted and promoted by the artists themselves are an idea that's time has come. It has definitely been positive for my art career and we hope to help other artists in the years to come. Our event model has always included inviting local nonprofit groups to our events, giving them free booth space allowing them to raise funds for their cause. This is our way of giving back to the communities that host our events. If you are an artist or crafter and would like to join our group you can contact us by email at info@professionalartisansco-op.com If you are a customer who would like to support PAC, here is the show schedule for this year.

  • PAC Art and Craft Event ~ June 8th and 9th ~ Mt. Shasta City Park ~ Held at the base of beautiful Mt. Shasta, this event will feature local and regional artists. This family-friendly event will also include food and great music.

  • PAC Art and Craft Event ~ June 15th and 16th ~ Mill Creek Resort ~ Come and enjoy the natural setting of this Father's Day Event. If you don't get eaten by a bear you will enjoy wonderful arts and crafts, great food and great music.

  • PAC Art and Craft Event ~ July 13th and 14th ~ Clear Creek Park ~ Clear Creek has a beautiful pond and creek as a backdrop for this show. This event features arts and crafts, pancake breakfast, lunch, and entertainment.

  • PAC Art and Wine Event ~ July 27th and 28th ~ August 10th and 11th ~ Chester CA. ~ Held at the beautiful Bidwell House Inn this event features arts and crafts, wine tasting, food, and great music.

  • Pac Art and Wine Event ~ August 17th and 18th ~ Graeagle Park ~ Come and enjoy the town of Graeagle. This event features arts and crafts, beer and wine tasting, food, and music.

  • PAC Art and Craft Event ~ December 6th thru 8th ~ Chico Fairgrounds ~ When it comes to Christmas shopping, handmade is the way to go. This event will feature beautiful arts and contemporary crafts, foods, and entertainment.

For more information www.professionalartisansco-op.com

Make sure you stop by the Solorio Pottery booth and say hello. See you at the show

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