Solorio Pottery handcrafted pendant with adjustable leather cord.


Pendant size is approximately 1.50" x 1.25" Necklace length adjustable 22" to 26" Pendant ships complete with a gift box and gift tag. Solorio Pottery is proudly made in the U.S.A.

These beautiful ceramic pendants can be worn every day. Solorio Pottery pendants are very durable and perfect for an outdoor lifestyle. Place one to two drops of pure essential oil to the unglazed design on the front of the pendant. Allow time for the pendant to absorb the oil and enjoy the aromatherapy.


Our drop pendants are made right alongside the wheel-thrown pottery at Solorio PotteryStudio. Each piece starts with a sketch and all designs are original artwork. After finishing the icon artwork a custom stamp is created. All pieces are hand cut and hand stamped. Next, the pendants are bisque fired and then glaze fired using beautiful oxidation glazes. We use only high-quality food-safe materials including our own custom clay body. Finally, the piece is tied using a genuine leather cord with a sliding barrel knot for adjustability.

I have been wearing my pottery pendant for a few years now and find it great for stress relief. Holding and playing with my pendant brings me happiness.

We hope you enjoy this piece.

Dragonfly Pendant with Gift Box and Gift Tag

SKU: PEN0107